No It's Not Awkward It's Awesome

Awesomeness, Nerdesque, Geek & Hood-Certified, S***-Talking, Jive-Talking, Half-Moon Walking, Music & Comics Loving & Seriously, I deliver your EFFIN STUFF!!!!!SAYWHAAAAAAT
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Nope. Try again. #cnnfail #allblackpeooledontlookalike
A Train is the EFFIN worst
My last bag of shake😢
#nowplaying Julian Casablancas + The Voidz: Tyranny (in its entirety) #infiniteipodplaylist
Needed this. #Chinesethursdays

@southpark EFFIN nailed it!!!!! (at Fortress Of Gratitude)

#nokautorepair get the pumpkin batch back on the road, bro because my headphones can only go up but so high before I’m annoyed……too late😠 (at A Train)
Breakfast with new friends #drewandelena2014
We would like to personally thank Mama & Pops Schiano, the super nice people of Abington, the entire wedding party for the laughs, the wonderful staff of The Alpine Motel & of course @andrewmthornton @elenaschiano for allowing us to be a part of your special day. Life is good, God is great & may he bless you two with eternal love (at Alpine Motel)