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Awesomeness, Nerdesque, Geek & Hood-Certified, S***-Talking, Jive-Talking, Half-Moon Walking, Music & Comics Loving & Seriously, I deliver your EFFIN STUFF!!!!!SAYWHAAAAAAT
Whatcha gonna do @kingpaul718 & @mrcotter35
22 years ago today, this epic album dropped & changed the EFFIN game. This album is on my top 20 greatest debut R&B albums of all time. @caramell_badgirl_michelle  even @brooklynnblige knew to drop this joint on your birthday!!!! Happy birthday Sis. I love you forever
#repost from @revwon but I can totally relate……yesterday was & is one of the greatest days of my life. I never imagined that this volume of love ever existed. I would like to thank everyone who took any part of my surprise birthday party. My Inner Circle, no person can ever ask for a circle of friends such as you ladies. My beautiful sisters @caramell_badgirl_michelle  & @family_uno79 who totally surprised me with being here. Charles & Dave, JAMES!!!, Jason, Tiwanna & Sean, Dawn & Ed, Vince & Clara, @equilibrium00 @dksangz & Kesha I love you guys so much. @elenaschiano & @andrewmthornton thank you for making me cry & last but not least @sommermelody for giving me the biggest surprise of all……you’re truly my treasure & I’ll always treasure you. Sidenote I’m disclaiming all videos & pictures of me crying. #bumpthat #lifeisgoodgodisgreat #ilookgoodforeffin40  (at Fortress Of Gratitude)

Thank you everyone for making me feel immortal. I love you all immensely

#ilookgoodforeffin40  (at Fortress Of Gratitude)
Also On this day, Purple Rain premiered to the world & still stands as one of the greatest soundtracks of all time. #evenprinceknewthatmybirthdayisthebomdiggity
Just in case, you missed this. #nerdlife4life
#lifeisgoodgodisgreat sounds about right 😉
#instacollage2 talk about a random find